Follow these Instructions to Get started Accepting Bitcoin with Blockonomics on your WordPress/WooCommerce store: 

  1. Install Blockonomics Plugin:
    1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins and click on Add New Plugin, and add “WordPress Bitcoin Payments - Blockonomics”. Install it and activate it.
    2. Search for "WordPress Bitcoin Payments - Blockonomics". In Search Results, Next to our plugin click on "Install Now".
    3. Once Installed click on "Activate" to activate our plugin.
    4. Once activated, you will see a greyed-out "Active" button.
  2. Configure API Key:
    1. Go to Merchant -> Store Dashboard in Blockonomics.
    2. Copy the API Key:
    3. Now In you WordPress Dashboard, Go to Settings > Blockonomics > Settings > API Key, paste in the copied API Key in this field and click on "Save".
  3. Add Store:
    1. Copy the Callback URL from WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Blockonomics > Settings.
    2. Go to Merchants -> Store Dashboard in Blockonomics and click on Add a new store.
    3. Copy xPub from your wallet and paste it "Xpub" field. 
    4. From same wallet, copy a receiving address and paste it in "Sample Receiving Address" field below. This makes sure that both xPub and receiving address belong to same wallet.
    5. Add a Tag for this store for your convenience.
    6. Past Callback URL copied from WordPress Blockonomics plugin settings earlier.
    7. Click on Save Changes to create store.
    8. Once your store is created, you can this store in this Stores Dashboard. With in a single Blockonomics account you can create multiple stores if you have multiple WordPress/WooCommerce sties/stores. However, you would need different xPub for each store.
  4. Test Setup:
    1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Blockonomics > Currencies and click on "Test Setup".
    2. It should say “Success”. If this gives an error then something is wrong. In that case you can follow the information given in error message to resolve the issue or try following the steps again to make sure you didn't miss any steps.
  5. That's it!


How do I edit text/customize appearance of the checkout page?

Please consult this article to find out how to customize the checkout page as desired.

Orders are not getting marked Paid on payment. How do I fix?

Blockonomics server sends payment callbacks to your system to update transaction status. If these payment callbacks are successful, your orders get marked as Paid. But if for some reason these callbacks fails, it means that our server couldn't tell your system that orders were paid. Most common reason for callbacks failing is your webhost blocking incoming callbacks thinking they are from bots, or are part of a DDoS attack and you have a DDoS protection in place. Please consult this article on how debug and fix this.

My customers use TOR browser and don't have JavaScript enabled. What to do ?

You can run our plugin in No JavaScript mode by checking No Javascript checkout page option in wp-admin > Settings > Blockonomics > Advanced Settings.