Installation and Download

Check our WHMCS integrations page


How do I edit text/customize appearance of checkout page?

Edit the payment.tpl template file directly. To change the styling of the page, edit the order.css file. To edit string translation in various locales you can edit/modify files in the module lang folder

Orders are not getting marked paid on invoice. How to fix?

Your webhost is blocking incoming callbacks from bots, or you have a DDOS protection in place that is causing this. Blockonomics server does payment callbacks to update transaction status and cannot emulate a browser accessing your website. Please consult this article on how debug and fix this

Orders are getting marked UNPAID. What is happening ?

Most probably your customers are paying from an exchange. In such a case say while intending to pay 0.01BTC, the exchange deducts fee and you get only 0.00095BTC. This doesn't happen if customer is paying from a wallet like or electrum. You can choose to accept the order or ask customer to pay more by clicking Pay from the invoice. There is also a setting Underpayment Slack in the module that will help in the regard (Setup -> Payment Gateways -> Manage Existing Gateways -> Blockonomics -> Advanced Settings)

Test Setup is getting stuck / giving error unable to execute. How to fix ?

Make sure during module installation, the upload  file permissions are correctly set to 755. Check if module files are accessible from outside. Simple way is to check if the URL is accessible from from outside.  If it is not, check your WHMCS System URL via Setup > General Settings

Customer is quoting  a  bitcoin transaction id/address. How do I search order?

You can search txid in Gateway transaction log