Installation and Download

Check our OpenCart integrations page for the plugin download and installation instructions.


How do I edit text/customize appearance of the checkout page?

Please edit the blockonomics.twig file directly in order to customize the checkout page as desired.

Orders are not getting marked Paid on payment. How do I fix?

This is caused by your webhost blocking incoming callbacks from bots, or you have a DDOS protection in place that is causing this. Blockonomics server does payment callbacks to update transaction status and cannot emulate a browser accessing your website. Please consult this article on how debug and fix this

Orders are getting marked Failed. What is happening?

Most probably your customers are paying from an exchange. In such a case say while intending to 0.01BTC, the exchange deducts fee and you get only 0.00095BTC. This doesn't happen if customer is paying from a wallet like or electrum. You can choose to manually accept the order or ask customer to manually pay more. There is also a setting Underpayment Slack in the extension settings that will allow you to accept payments that are underpaid by a small percentage (OpenCart Admin > Extensions > Payments > Blockonomics > Advanced Settings > Underpayment Slack %)

How to change the status an order is set to when bitcoin transaction is completed

The OpenCart status of orders after the bitcoin transaction is received and confirmed successfully can be set from the Blockonomics OpenCart Extension from OpenCart Admin > Extensions > Payments > Blockonomics > Order Status