Blockonomics offers a unique and efficient way to receive Bitcoin payments for your products and services online. In case you need to send your customer a download link after the payment is completed, here's how to do it. 

  1. Upload your product to a file-sharing website: make sure you keep your product or service in a site where you can share it through a link. You can use Google Drive, Dropbox, other clouds or even your own landing page. After uploading it, copy the share link and save it for later. 

  2. Set up the payment button or URL: head over to the Blockonomics Merchants page, click on Payment buttons/Links > Products, and fill in your information including anything you need from your customer. 

  3. Fill out the Order Complete Email area: here's where you can specify the product download link or information to send to your customers. Don't forget to include the product URL that was copied earlier. This email will be sent after the completion of payment and will allow the customer to download the file. 

  4. Generate your product button: click on Generate Button to add it to your website.

  5. Test the payment buttonafter you’ve filled in the fields, it's time to test to make sure it works. Click on the Pay with Bitcoin button, enter your email, and click pay now. Then copy the Bitcoin amount, and the address you're sending it to.
    Then click on Logs/Test Bench on the right menu, and enter in the information including the Bitcoin amount and the Bitcoin address. Set the payment status to Confirmed. This will run a test of the payment and email to see if you did everything right without spending any Bitcoin.                                                                        Sample of a test bench

  6. Copy and paste the payment button to your websitecopy and paste both HTML codes to your website’s HTML. You’ll be all set up!