While e-commerce was once limited to a few larger vendors, it has since evolved into becoming increasingly accessible, making it possible for anyone to sell products online. Many products are easy to send via dropshipping, reducing the resources you need to spend on your supply chain.

The concept of dropshipping is simple: source out a product you’d like to sell from a third-party merchant (like Aliexpress), offer the same product on your e-commerce store for a couple bucks more, and when someone purchases it, order it from the third-party merchant to have it delivered straight to the customer. You keep the difference.

If you’re interested in starting a new e-commerce store, another unique way to separate yourself from the rest of the pack is to accept Bitcoin. When you receive Bitcoin from customer purchases on your dropshipping website, you can initiate dropshipping orders off your credit card or with cash. Especially useful if you’re looking to earn Bitcoin without buying it directly.

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