As our affiliate you shall earn recurring commissions on payments. It’s easy: refer a client, and for every transaction your client’s e-commerce store makes, you earn Bitcoins.

Coming to the figures, Blockonomics charges 1% of each transaction as a payment fee and 30% of this will be your referral commission. For example, if your friend sells $10,000 worth of products per day, and their total payment fees accumulate to $100, you’ll receive $30 extra worth of bitcoins per day off the referrals. That’s $900 per month you could earn in Bitcoin passively — forever!

To become an affiliate you can get started by signining up on a profile on blockonomics merchants page. Once signed in, you can get your affiliate link via the referrals page

You will receive email notification of incoming commission . You can check/withdraw your bitcoin amount from payment fee page.

For more information on the program you can read our affiliate FAQ