Bitcoin payment widgets are highly customizable and work with your own HTML forms. Each widget is linked to your HTML inputs using the ID of each input field.

<input type="email" id="customer_email">

1) Create your Blockonomics payment widget from

Click on Generate Widget to receive your widget HTML.

<div class="blockonomics_widget" data-uid="6e6ead0551e641a5">Loading...</div>

2) Link your widget fields to your form inputs using the id of each input

- Link the email input to the payment widget HTML using the data-email-input attribute. The id of the input element should be set.

<div class="blockonomics_widget" data-uid="6e6ead0551e641a5" data-email-input="customer_email">Loading...</div>

- Link the remaining activated fields to the payment widget HTML using the following data attributes:

data-amount-input (donation mode should be activated)







<div class="blockonomics_widget" data-uid="6e6ead0551e641a5" data-email-input="customer_email" data-name-input="customer_name">Loading...</div>

- Change the button text using the data-text-pay-with attribute

data-text-pay-with="Pay Now!"

<div class="blockonomics_widget" data-uid="6e6ead0551e641a5" data-email-input="customer_email" data-name-input="customer_name" data-text-pay-with="Pay Now!">Loading...</div>

3) Add the pay_widget.js to your page before the closing </body> tag.

<script src=""></script>

Congrats! You have now linked the Blockonomics payment widget to your own form.