Installation and Download

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I use Ghost Pro, what URL should I use for the setup

You should use your Base URL. All Ghost(Pro) blogs have a * domain as their admin domain and require https. If you are self hosting use the URL of your blog.

User is not created even though payment is made

Check out Logs from Merchants > Logs / Test Bench. Verify that at the end of the callback line there is a green 200If there is anything else than 200 at the end of the line, please consult this article on how debug and fix this.

I want to change the time to pay from the default 10 minutes

To change the timer shown to your customers at the payment screen, go to Merchants > Payment Buttons / Links > Options and under the Time Period set your desired payment time.

Orders are getting marked Failed. What is happening?

Most probably your customers are paying from an exchange. In such a case say while intending to 0.01BTC, the exchange deducts fee and you get only 0.00095 BTC. This doesn't happen if customer is paying from a wallet like or Electrum. You can choose to manually accept the order or ask customer to manually pay more. There is also a setting Underpayment Slack in the extension settings that will allow you to accept payments that are underpaid by a small percentage (Opencart Admin > Extensions > Payments > Blockonomics > Advanced Settings > Underpayment Slack %)