When using Blockonomics as your payment gateway, you can integrate several websites using the same account. A separate xPub, also known as the extended public key, is needed for each website, and each platform's funds go to a separate wallet. 

This way, you can easily identify the website you received payments from, while being able to manage all of your platforms using the same account.

How to integrate multiple websites with Blockonomics

  1. Create a Bitcoin walletIt's essential that you create one if you don't have it already. There are plenty of options available in the market, including hot and cold wallets. Choose one that's able to create an xPub key and multiple wallets in the same account, such as Edge and Ledger

  2. Locate your extended public key: Find the xPub key for each wallet and save them for later. 

  3. Create an account on Head over to the Merchants Page and click on Get Started for Free. Fill out your email and password to create an account or, in case you already have one, simply log in.

  4. Go to Merchants Page: Select Stores > Add a new store from the sidebar menu.

  5. Add in your wallet information: Paste in your xPub key, add in your wallet address in case it asks you, the website's callback URL and a tag to help you identify the store. Click on Save changes when you're finished.

  6. Add a new store: For each unique xPub key, create a new store by clicking on Add a new store and repeat step 4.
  7. Connect API key to your websites: All websites will use the same API key, which can be viewed and copied on the Merchants Page right above your stores. Paste it on all your platforms. 

How do I get my callback URL?

If you're using an e-commerce platform such as PrestaShop, WooCommerce or WHMCS, our plugin will generate the callback URL for you. If you're using a custom website/API, you must point this to http://<>?secret=<yoursecret> to get notifications to your server.

How do I track multiple addresses?

You can keep track of your multiple addresses and websites by using our Wallet Watcher. Just go to the Address Watcher page on the sidebar menu and you'll find your integrated addresses there.

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