Are you getting "Unable to generate new address" error on checkout  or "error on Test Setup" on your E-Commerce store? Depending on the error that is showing, you may need to take one of the following actions. Before trying these please make sure that you are using latest version of the plugin. 

1. Error: "API Key is Incorrect":

Make sure you have setup your API key correctly and that this field is not empty. Your APIKey is available on the Merchants Page. 

2. Error"Please add a new store on blockonomics website":

Blockonomics needs you to have a store with valid destination wallet xpub. You can visit Merchants - BTC for BTC payments and  Merchants - BCH for BCH payments. To see how to get xpub of your wallet, you can consult this video 


3. Error: "Your merchant account is disabled due to low balance": 

You can re-enable the account by sending Bitcoin (BTC) to the deposit address on the Payment Fee Page

4. Error"Unable to locate/execute <your site> testsetup.php. Check your WHMCS System URL":

Your WHMCS system URL path/domain is wrong, for example instead of using , you have specified . Thus Blockonomics is unable to locate the files

5. Error"Please pay pending fee on existing blockonomics accounts. Avoid creating duplicate accounts":

This means you already have an email account on blockonomics for this store/website that has pending fee. You can pay the pending fee via our merchants page. Avoid creating multiple blockonomics accounts for the same store/website.

6. Email Notification: "Unable to generate new receiving address: Too much to process. Try again in few seconds":

You get this email when a customer sees this same error message while trying to pay using Bitcoin. On customer's end it can be resolved by just refreshing checkout page after few seconds. 
This can occur due to various factors. It's often a temporary issue and doesn't necessarily indicate a persistent problem with your Bitcoin payment setup. If you find that Bitcoin payments are being processed normally on your end, you can safely ignore this message. It's important to monitor for any recurring issues, but occasional occurrences of this error are usually not a cause for concern.

7. Error: "Users are being given already used BTC addresses":

Blockonomics doesn't reuse BTC addresses unless the store was removed and re-added with same xpub. This resets the xpub index to zero and makes addresses to be used again. If you want to end this issue asap it is recommended to change the xpub.