Are you ready to take your eCommerce business to new heights? Blockonomics is here to seamlessly bridge your online store with the world of Bitcoin. Experience the ease of integrating cryptocurrency payments and unlock a new realm of opportunities for your business.

How Blockonomics Transforms Your Payment Process

  • Direct-to-Wallet Bitcoin Payments: Eliminate the need for middlemen. Blockonomics guarantees that every Bitcoin transaction on your site flows directly into your Bitcoin wallet. This ensures rapid access to your funds and unmatched control over your financial gains.
  • Unlimited Global Access : Blockonomics is a global service, breaking down geographical barriers. No matter where you are, you can utilize our platform to accept Bitcoin for your products and services.
  • Unrestricted Transaction Freedom: With Blockonomics, there are no limits on the amount of Bitcoin you can receive. Whether it's a modest sale or a large transaction, we support your business growth without restrictions.
  • Simplicity in Commerce: We streamline your Bitcoin transaction process. Blockonomics requires nothing more than an email address to get started, liberating you from the hassle of documentation or KYC procedure.
  • Diverse Integration for All Platforms: Blockonomics prides itself on its adaptability. Whether you’re using WordPress, WHMCS, PrestaShop, OpenCart, or Easy Digital Downloads, our range of plugins ensures that Blockonomics integrates smoothly with your existing platform.

Getting Started

Embarking on your journey with Blockonomics is straightforward and hassle-free. The initial requirement is a High-Definition (HD) Bitcoin wallet. You can choose from popular options like, Electrum, Trezor, or Ledger. Our intuitive setup guide will have you ready to accept Bitcoin payments in no time. 

Here's how you can get started in 3 easy steps:

  • Account Creation: Visit the Blockonomics Merchants website and initiate your journey by clicking 'Get Started For Free' to create your account.
  • Integration and Setup: Configure and install your preferred eCommerce integration or Payments API.
  • Begin Accepting Bitcoin Payments: Once the setup is complete, your website is primed to start receiving Bitcoin payments, opening a new chapter of financial transactions for your business.