How do I create a Bitcoin wallet?

You can easily create a Bitcoin wallet using Edge or Ledger wallets. The first one is a mobile wallet, while the second one is a hardware wallet. Make sure to choose what suits you best.

To locate your xPub key on these wallets, feel free to read the following articles: 

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What is an xPub?

The xPub key is an extended public key of your wallet that starts with the prefix xpub, ypub or zpub. Blockonomics will use the xPub to generate a unique address for each order. These addresses will be of your own wallet, so received payments will end up instantly in your wallet.

How do I find a wallet's xPub?

Here are a few wallets and their step-by-step to find the xPub key:

  • Electrum: Wallet > Information                
  • MyCelium: Accounts > Select account > Select Export from Menu > Show Public 
  • Trezor: Basic settings > Show xPubs               
  • Blockchain: Settings > Wallets & Addresses > Manage > More Options > Show xPub                                     
  • Ledger:  Accounts > Select Account > ToolBox Icon (Top Right) > Advanced Logs
  • Airbitz: Transactions screen > 3 dots > Export > Wallet Public Seed (xPub) > View or Save                  
  • Bitcoin Wallet (Android): 3 dots > Settings > Diagnostics > Show xPub > Share to clipboard, email                  
  • Exodus: Wallet > Export xPub (it exports two xPubs; use the one with zPub prefix)              
  • Edge App (Android and iOS): Bitcoin Wallet Settings > View xPub Address
  • Wasabi: Load Wallet->Advanced->Wallet Info>Extended account zPub

Check out this article for further information.

I'm getting an invalid xPub error, what do I do?

You're probably entering a Bitcoin address, such as 1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa.

The xPub key will look like this:

xpub661MyMwAqRbcFnhBJfr7Bqthns8xGbBmSSuBt8PJ2CknTaWcZnrX6hJBEnsKSVsQH7JDqF575nMigCccXr7QYMq2mprdh9CLJBtEjKPQK2wPlease check the above instructions to find your wallet's xPub.  

What are the risks of revealing my xPub?

The xPub key is public, so sharing it with Blockonomics or any third party will never allow access to your wallet. That means your Bitcoin funds and keys are still under your control.

However, please be aware that providing it to any third party can introduce additional risks, as the recipient will be able to obtain your wallet public keys, addresses and transactions. As long as you keep your private keys safe, though, your funds will remain safe. 

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Does Blockonomics support SegWit wallets?

Yes, Blockonomics fully supports SegWit wallets with an xPub. Please refer to this blog post.