Creating a Bitcoin donation button is useful for streamers, merchants and institutions, and can significantly enhance your fundraising efforts. Here's how to seamlessly set it up by using our feature. 

Create a free merchant account on Blockonomics

First, create an account on Blockonomics' Merchants page. Once it's created, you'll be redirected to the Merchants Dashboard, where you can select the Payment Buttons / Links option.

Set up your donation button

1. Enter your wallet's Xpub key (you can learn how to find yours here), your wallet address, and add a tag so as to keep track of your payment buttons, in case you have multiples. Then, Save Changes.

2. Next, you'll go over to the Products page to create your donation button and enter the details such as name, description, etc. The product name will be the title at the top of the screen. You can also select the information you wish to collect from your customers by checking the Customer Fields menu, including a customized field. Make sure to leave the Quantity field blank, as you cannot specify quantity in donation mode.

3. The Product Code is useful for tagging purposes, so you can organize your buttons and links on this page. Besides that, you must add in a price, even on donation buttons. You can either put a suggested donation or a random number. And most importantly: check the Donation Mode box to allow people to enter any amount. When your details are set, click on Save and then Generate Button.

4. A preview of the button will be displayed below it, as well as the code that you will insert into your website.

5. Click on the Pay with Bitcoin button to test and open the payment dialog box.

Add the payment button to your website

To install the payment button on your website, you must follow two final steps: 

1. Copy and paste the button code from Step 1 in your website's HTML on the exact page you want it to be. 

2. Go back to the Blockonomics page and copy the script in Step 2 to paste it right before the closing body tag. Your payment button will be successfully installed. 

Website's HTML tags preview

Payment button installed

3. You can also edit the image to customize it, so make sure you select the following tag and replace it with the link of the image you want.

4. After that, your payment button should be customized as well.

Learn more about our donation button feature: