The export feature allows you to convert all your Bitcoin transactions in a period of time, showing the transaction ID, fiat value at time of transaction, and total amount of Bitcoin used in the transaction. This can help in a variety of actions such as taxes, accounting and more. 

How does it work? 

Make sure you have all the wallet's xPubs that you want to track in your Wallet Watcher. The export feature will include all transactions in all wallets you have saved in your wallet watcher account. 

Select the dates you want to pull transactions from, and the fiat currency you want to include for the value of the Bitcoin at the time of the transaction. You can choose a variety including USD, EUR, CAD, and much more. 

If you get an error saying there are too many rows, there are too many transactions that you are trying to track. Either remove a wallet from your watcher, or choose a shorter period of time and try again. The export should work following that. Then you can export to csv or Excel. 

How is it Useful?

The export feature is useful for a number of items. This can include:

  • You have performed several transactions over the last few months or years and you need a record of those transactions for tax purposes, or for business accounting. Because this shows the value of the Bitcoin in a fiat of your choice this can easily be used to show business partners or to upload to your tax software.
  • You own several wallets for different purposes, and want to have a record of transactions happening in those various wallets in one central place to allow for easier tracking of movement and transactions. 
  • It allows to show the fiat value of the Bitcoin at the time of the transaction. This is especially useful for taxes as most block explorers show the value in current fiat price rather than the time of the transaction. 

If you’re interested in using this for taxes you can follow instructions from this video: