How do I get started?

Go to address watcher tab, add bitcoin addresses you want to monitor. Assign tags to your addresses. View quick overview of balances in the dashboard.

What is the purpose of tags?

Every address in your address watcher can be tagged with your own tags. All addresses having same tag are treated as an aggregated account. For e.g. You may tag multiple addresses as “hot wallet”, to view cumulative balance/transactions of "hot wallet" account

What does History show?

Whenever a transaction happens on your addresses in the block chain, the corresponding credit/debit is recorded in the History.

Track balance history in the graph. Click on a transaction row to locate it on the graph.

How to get email notifications of transactions on my addresses?

Settings -> Subscribe to transaction notification email.

What are Pending Transactions?

Blockonomics considers a transaction confirmed after getting two confirmations on bitcoin blockchain. Unconfirmed (zero confirmation) and partially confirmed (one confirmation) transactions can be seen in pending transactions

The balance in my wallet is not matching the balance shown in dashboard, why?

Blockonomics requires two confirmations on blockchain to update balance. Check Pending transactions tab for transactions in process.

How secure are my bitcoins?

The website never asks for your private keys. You control your own bitcoins. Only your public bitcoin address is needed to show you the required information.

I am concerned about privacy

We don’t track IP information / keep old logs. We allow upto 20 addresses, you can mask the addresses you control by adding additional dummy addresses. You can use keep using guest login without ever needing to signup with an emailid. You can read more about privacy of bitcoin tracking here.

What if I don't want to register or use my emailid?

Blockonomics provides an option to login as guest for those who don't want to register or use their emailid.

The guest login generates a unique guest emailid, which will be shown after you login as guest. This id can be used to track your bitcoins. The password for the auto generated emailid can be set from the settings page.